Modern Tehcnology

We use modern and reliable tractors for a full mechanical maintenance of the land. We work with hydraulic offset cultivators, shredders for cutting grass, branches and harrows for tilling in between for an optimum soil leveling ...

Video surveillance system

The video surveillance system is an effective tool of protection of our sea buckthorn plantation against intrusion into the plantation, but it is equally effective in limiting damages in case of natural calamities (fires, heavy rains, massive snow) allowing for timely intervention and limitation of possible damage. The surveillance system communicates via satellite with a central device located at the company's headquarters where it is permanently monitored.

Front Loader

The front loader is a tractor accesory and is a simple and inexpensive equipment designed to perform loading and unloading of both spilled materials (manure, etc.) and compact (packed, packaged, palletised, container). Thus, the front loader is used for the following activities:
- In the maintenance and fertilization works where it allows the execution of loading and unloading works of the necessary materials for the fertilization of the seabuckthorn plantation
- When transporting the compact materials by performing the works of load-discharge of compact materials: packed, packaged, palletised, containerized.


The backhoe is used in the following operations:
- Regular drainage
- Expansion of the rainwater drainage ditches from the plantation
- Detachment of the trenches that take over the rainwater.

Boxpallets trailer

The boxpalets trailer is used for transporting the branches of the seabuckthorn trees from the plantation to the freezing and storage containers, as part of the harvesting activities.

Trailed atomizer

The trailed atomizer is designed to splash into an ecological system to combat diseases and pests within the seabuckthorn plantation. Thus, the machine is used for the maintenance activities related to Stage 1 - Seabuckthorn Production.
Fighting diseases and pests: the atomizer provides control of diseases (Verticilium spp. And Fusarium sp., Brown rot and rust) and seabuckthorn specific pests (green aphids, caterpillars, leaf moths, etc.). Thus, for the destruction of the hibernating forms of the pests, specific treatments will be applied during vegetative rest for diminishing the biological reserve of specific pathogens and cupric products at the start of vegetation.

Velox with flail mower

The Velox machine with flail mower is used to carry out the sowing works in the plantation, being used for the following maintenance activities as part of stage 1 of the technological flow:
- Maintaining the soil in black by repeated sows between the plants of the 1st and 2nd year age
- Cutting vegetal mass between plants after teh 3rd year age
These activities are very important for plant growth and better water absorption at the root.

Front mower with reels

The mower is intended for mowing herbs and weeds on the intervals between plant rows, especially when the grass has a very high height resulting from the impossibility of timely intervention in the rainy season. Its low height allows us to penetrate very close to the row of trees, even if the fruits are close to the ground. This equipment has a simple and robust construction, with a high resistance to work demands, being used for maintenance work of our plantation.

Branch Chopper

The branch chooper has the role of cutting the branches resulting from the crown maintenance and the harvesting of the sea berry fruits and turning them into sawdust / compost which will later be used for the soil fertilization in the plantation. It is used in the following activities:
- The maintenance cuts for chopping the branches resulting from the crown maintenance in the first 2nd and 3rd years age
- During the ECO fertilization: the residues obtained after the weeding of the vegetal mass provide the compost for fertilization. - In the fruit-cutting stage where, starting with year 4th, the chopper is used to chop the branches resulting from the consolidation of the tree skeleton.

Rear elevator

The rear elevator is attached to the tractor and is very useful in the planting for the handling of wooden boxpallets in which the sea beeries are harvested and which must then be lifted with the elevator in the trailer to be transported to the rapid chilling containers. It also carries out some transport and storage operations in areas where classical forklift trucks can not access. The lifting system is hydraulically operated and is connected to the hydraulic system of the tractor. Thus, the elevators are used for the transport activities of Stage 1 - Seabuckthorn Production, but also from Stage 2 - Conditioning and Processing.

Electric scissors

The electric scissors are intended for cutting in vineyards and fruit plants. It completely eliminates the operator's effort, which can work with the same performance for long periods of time, unlike classic scissors, where yield drops drastically as the number of hours worked increases. Thus, they are used in the following activities:
- Maintenance cuts: scissors are used to cut the branches resulting from crown maintenance in the first 2-3 years.
- Fruit cuttings: starting with year 3, scissors are used to detach branches by the stems, thus realizing the harvesting process.
Scissors are indispensable to the harvesting process.

Electric and hand pallet trucks

The transpalets are used to manipulate boxpallets in containers for conditioning and storage of the sea berry, being used in Stage 2 - Conditioning and Processing within the technological flow.

Diesel generator

The generator is used to supply the electric power necessary for the good functioning of all production areas: rapid chilling containers, technological area, packaging and labeling area and sanitary rooms, being used for the proper performance of the related activities of Stage 2 - Conditioning and Processing from the technological flow.

Duty shredder

The duty shredder has the role of maintaining the interrow spaces by repeatedly cutting the vegetal mass in the plantation. This machine has the ability to chop even the seabuckthorn branches resulting from the spring cuts or from other harvesting activities when the fruit-free peaks can be cut. This machine eliminates manual handling of these branches and consequently contributes to lower plant maintenance costs.

Wood boxpalets

The wood boxpallets are used to store teh sea berries fruits in the rapid chilling containers. The wood boxpallets are designed to reduce the elastic deformation of containers when stacked or dismantled, as this causes the movement of the fruit from the inside and, implicitly, results in damage to the fruits. Thus, the boxpallets are used for storing activities in teh rapid chilling space as part of Stage 2 - Conditioning and Proccesing.